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Spyrrha by NzuriSanaa
Here is one of my OC's, Spyrrha. Spyrrha is a thief that robbed the wrong (or maybe right) castle and got caught. She's now on a journey with the lord to find the man who blinded him. She's my character for one of my favorite roleplays, and she's lots of fun to play. In her hand she has Harp, her bow, and across her back she's got Bryenide, her sword. (No, the Link color scheme was not accidental.)
The roleplay is based off of the Fire Emblem series. Spyrrha's braid is kind of based off of Titania's, though the color of their hair is completely coincidental.

"You know, you're actually kind of cute when you cry."
-Spyrrha, to Raymond, after a near-tragedy
SSBB: Ninetails by NzuriSanaa
SSBB: Ninetails
Here's a fight between Ninetails and Pikachu, SSBB style. (I know Pikachu looks like a derp. I didn't want to fix it because he's adorable.)
The request was to draw one of my friends as the Pokemon that fit her, and to draw an arena background. Well of course I went with the Pokemon Stadium background from SSBB. (I can't draw backgrounds well, shut up.) She is the Ninetails.
Why Ninetails? Well, you're fiery when provoked but usually very calm. You're loyal and wise and a good friend and I hope you realize how much thought I put into choosing a Pokemon.

"There once lived a Pokémon by the name of Ninetales.Now, Ninetales had many tails, all of them imbued with psychic power..." -Wishcash, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red & Blue
I fell in love with a girl in my dream last night.
I fell in love with
the way her hair
was the color
of midnight
and how
her eyes were
as wide as an ocean,
the color of milk chocolate
between your fingers
on a hot

I fell in love
with the way she carried herself
the way she walked
with such a confidence
people had to admire.
The way she spoke,
she spoke with such eloquence,
such meaning.
She had the voice
of an angel
not a soprano, but
an alto
a beautiful alto
and I don't think she realized
every note she sang
was an orchestra
the way she held her words
like she might hold a lover;
Every sentence was a verse
each verse, a lyric
and she sang without knowing she sung.
I don't think,
if she realized how pretty her song was,
she minded people listening

This girl was like me
so painfully awkward
and I could tell
in the way
she drew her um's and hmm's.
She wasn't trying to hide
the fact
that she was awkward
at all.
And that was a reason I loved her.
She knew
she was
and she didn't try

In this perfect girl,
it seemed
besides some odd hand motions
and some drawn-out words of hesitance
that she was
as perfect as
a hunk of
flesh and bones
could ever be.
But under the skirt of her bikini
I could see
those pale red tiger stripes
those pinkish lines of reminder
of times that she thought
she wouldn't make it out

And I want to ask her
I want to pull her close to me, and ask her
how did you get over it
how can you look in the mirror
and see beauty
instead of
how did you put the razor away for the final time
did you know it was the final time?
and how, sweet princess, did you get out of your castle;
the castle where
pain were your guards
resentment, your maids
and depression, your king?
How did you ever remove the
from your back
after looking at the floor
avoiding eye contact?
How did you rescue yourself?
Please, my sweet,
please answer me
I could use the advice.

You, my dear, my beacon of light
This is the real reason I fell in love.
I saw past the beautiful outside
I saw the damaged girl within
the difference between you and I,
is that
while the pain in life will never go away
you do not let it get you down.
And that,
I admire
in someone.

I fell in love with a girl-
no, a woman
-in my dreams last night
but somehow,
I don't think my boyfriend will mind.
this woman,
she shares my experiences,
and my birthday,
and my name.
I fell in love with myself last night
because I'll be damned
if someone
will ever have the tenacity to say
that I am not strong.

Woman of my dreams, desired me,
you are one of the strongest people I know
and thank you,
thank you from the bottom of my heart
for making me realize that.
You may not be able
to lift weights
or run for long periods of time
on your short, short legs
but strength is not all physical
and you got out of something
I never thought
I would overcome.

Future me,
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for putting you through all that I put you through,
but look
look how strong you are
look how strong we are.
I guess it isn't so bad,
is it?-
knowing there is a way out.

I fell in love with myself last night
and it is a love
I will never
Girl from My Dream
Thank you, my Joelly, for helping me harvest the inspiration from my dream to write this.

Here's a poem I wrote that's based off a dream I had last night. I'm not sure I'm all that satisfied with it, since I did just write it, but maybe it'll grow on me.


NzuriSanaa's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hey there.
I go by Addy or Ashen. I'm a writer before an artist, though I think I do both fairly well. I have acute obsessions with poetry, Fire Emblem, Latios and Latias, and ending sentences contrary to how they should be asparagus.
Take a gander around my page and enjoy your time. Thanks for stopping by.

I've been a member of DA for ten months now and just now I'm going to post my first journal entry. Yes, I'm a little slow. I get that.
I guess I just never had much to say.

This is mainly a journal for my friends to see. I've got some things to say to you guys.

Recently I've been taking a lot of drawing requests. I have two that I need to work on currently. Which means I don't have enough drawing requests.
Requests are open.
I typically draw Pokemon and any other anime. I'd like to stick with that for now. If you've got something for me to draw you can post it in the comments. Or, if you'd like it to be a surprise, go ahead and leave me a note.
I usually make it so that I bite off more than I can chew. Then I get overwhelmed with requests. But guess what? I want that. So give me requests. Really. I need them.

Another thing.

Some of you may or may not know that I am currently undergoing a very dark phase in my life. It's been going on for three years come next week, with small reprieves every few months or so. I'm managing.
One thing that helps is writing. I write a lot.
I wrote a lot of poems in the last three years. A lot of it is dark. Most of it doesn't even make sense.
But I was wondering if you guys would like to see some of it posted here? I think that might be a little fun. Showing off my crazy thoughts to my buddies on DA.

So that's really all I had to say to you guys. And by the way, each of you on my friends list is pretty awesome. You've inspired me to keep at it with my artwork. That inspiration is so invaluable to me. I thank you, each of you, for giving me that.

And this concludes my first journal entry. No, I should have a cool ending. Like a sign-off.

~Addy (NzuriSanaa) {is awesome}

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